We're a boutique Technology and Cybersecurity company focusing on the unique needs of your financial services firm.

You started your firm to be different and set yourself apart from the many cookie-cutter financial services companies, so why would you want your technology solutions to fit the cookie-cutter mold? We develop unique, customized technology solutions for all of our clients, making sure that their data and networks are secure, highly reliable, and always accessible.


White Glove Support

We understand that your staff is used to an extremely high level of service in the office, and we're eager to exceed the level of interaction and support that they've grown accustomed to receiving.

Industry Experts

AwesomeJar has an in-depth understanding of the way the financial system works, and an ability to quickly understand technologies in the field, and work with vendors to provide you with a robust and stable platform.

Transparency of Service

You have the ability to see everything we do, and make sure that our efforts fall exactly in line with your budget and planning.

24/7 Support

At AwesomeJar, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Holidays, Leap Years, and Super Bowls. We put your needs first.

Specialized Services

  • Penetration Testing

    Cybersecurity threats are prevalent in today's world, and few situations can be more damaging to your firm’s livelihood and reputation…

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Vulnerability Assessments are usually an initial evaluation to determine the security level of a firm’s IT infrastructure. We use a…

  • Industry Compliance

    Since the signing of the Dodd-Frank Act in 2011, technology compliance for investment firms have been a necessity. The Dodd-Frank…

  • Office Relocation

    Whether you’re moving offices or organizing an existing office, let AwesomeJar take on the planning, management, and implementation of the…

  • New Fund Startup

    When starting a new hedge fund, the last thing you need to worry about is your technology. We can develop…

  • Social Engineering Protection

    One of the most effective ways that hackers gather sensitive information is through social engineering. Cyber criminals use various methods,…

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