Why AwesomeJar?



"White Glove" Support

You expect your staff to be prompt, clean, well-dressed, professional, and polite , and that is how you should expect your IT business partner to arrive as well. The AwesomeJar staff doesn't just understand your technology, we understand your people, too. Expect your AwesomeJar support team to provide the level of service that you're used to receiving from your in-house backoffice staff. We understand that your staff is used to an extremely high level of service in the office, and we're eager to exceed the level of interaction and support that they've grown accustomed to receiving.

Industry Experts

Understanding your Real Time Data Feeds, Order Management System, or Portfolio Management system is important to your business. AwesomeJar has designed and supported numerous groups in your situation, providing support of mission critical industry specific systems for years. AwesomeJar has an in-depth understanding of the way the financial system works, and an ability to quickly understand technologies in the field, and work with vendors to provide you with a robust and stable platform.

On Demand IT Support

At AwesomeJar, you’ll notice that we don’t have long extensive contracts with our clients like our competitors. We bill all of our work by the hour. Our best motivation for earning your business is the quality and timeliness of our work.

If you’re not happy with our services, you’re welcome to leave at any time for any reason. We believe in earning the trust of our clients by the strength of our support. Our clients stay with us because they value the work we do, not because they’re stuck in a contract. While the IT industry as a whole moves to a “managed” (aka contract) model, we just believe in providing the best service.


Located just steps away from your office, we are able to respond to your company's needs quickly, typically within 15 minutes of your urgent request. Our offices are just minutes away from the main financial districts of San Francisco, New York, and Palo Alto, and we are able to arrive on-site and deliver the service you need with as little interruption to your business as possible.


With AwesomeJar, there are no surprises for our clients. You have access to all the systems we use to track our work for you, manage billing, and dispatch support. Whenever an engineer provides support to your company, you will receive a detailed explanation of the issue and resolution, immediately upon its completion. You will have the ability to see everything we do, and make sure that our efforts fall exactly in line with your budget and planning.

Trusted Advisor

Some companies claim to be “The Trusted Technology Advisor,” but can a company that gets commission from reselling technology and other services truly offer unbiased solutions for their clients? Technology companies that offer a Managed Services approach often want their clients to fit into a certain mold so they can offer the same solutions to every client, whether that solution is right for their client or not.

You'll notice that our page isn't riddled with “strategic partnerships”. We don't resell anything, and if we ever make a cent on referral fees, these savings are directly passed on to our clients. This means that our clients are getting the best pricing on third-party products and services, and we can leverage the best technology for your needs.

As you can see, AwesomeJar does not offer a cookie cutter approach to IT. We understand your technology needs are unique to your company, staff and goals.