Junior Engineer – San Francisco

Jr Engineer with Financial Services IT Consultant (financial district)

San Francisco based AwesomeJar Consulting is seeking an entry level Junior Engineer to join its staff of technical gurus. AwesomeJar is a tech consulting company run by tech consultants who love what they do and excel at doing it. We understand work/life balance, have lived in CTO level roles in past positions, and are widely seen as best of class within our technical circles. AwesomeJar is a small, flat organization, with tremendous potential to learn, grow, and seek advancement, while also having a direct effect on policy, decisions, and the direction of the company. This position reports directly to AwesomeJar's Director in San Francisco.

The Junior Engineer will be given an opportunity to learn from within the organization. They'll work alongside a counterpart in our New York office to provide first tier support for phone and email based requests from users as they come in, and either address those requests themselves, or escalate them within the organization. In addition, they'll work closely with Senior Engineers to review notifications from AwesomeJar's distributed monitoring environment and address scaling needs for AwesomeJar's clients. In addition, the Junior Engineer will be provided ample time for self paced training programs, and online coursework in technologies of their choice and given the opportunity to grow into a senior role within the company.

Qualified applicants will have a strong Microsoft Windows background, possess a degree in technology (Computer Science, Informations Systems, etc), and have an extremely high level of both verbal and written communication. They will be a self starter who is eager to learn, follows directions well, and is extremely organized. An ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about learning about technology. They'll likely run OSX or Linux, and already have projects that they are working on at home "just to learn about them."

AwesomeJar's team serves as technical jacks-of-all-trades in every environment that they touch. At AwesomeJar we get along well with users -- beyond the point that people are just idly willing to talk to us. AwesomeJar System Administrators get invited out to beers with users, go to Super Bowl parties, and meet people's families. They understand technology inside and out, and can speak with non-technical people about technical issues, without alienating them. In short, they need to be technically gifted and socially adept. We'll work on the technical side with you, but you should be able to make friends easily, and work well with others.

AwesomeJar wasn't built with the intent to make our founders rich. We aren't run by a bunch of senior executives who look to squeeze every last dime of profits from our clients and consultants. We offer extremely competitive compensation and benefits, and provide a highly open, honest, and fun work environment. If you're interested in finding out more about the position, send us a copy of your resume. We don't need a fancy, overly wordy, cover letter. Just give us a few words about some kind of technology that you find exciting, and use the word "intrinsic" somewhere in it. We look forward to hearing from you.

Compensation: 55K+ with full benefits and additional performance based incentives
Employment Type: full-time